Chris Loranger Finds Himself at the Heart of Boston Esports


When you think about Robert Kraft and his family, you think about the New England Patriots. And when you think about the New England Patriots, you think about winning. That’s the atmosphere in which Chris Loranger manages one of the Kraft family’s latest ventures — their foray into esports, which goes by the name Boston Uprising.

In the interview below, Loranger tells us about his rise in the esports industry and all the different areas that need to be tended in order to successfully run a team.

Find Your Grind: Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into esports, Chris. 

Chris Loranger: Originally, I am from St. Petersburg, Florida. I kind of fell into esports by playing a lot of video games growing up and being good. After high school, I wasn’t sure what path to take in life and played Star Craft II beta while waiting to enlist in the military. I took opportunities one step at a time and ended up being a pro gamer. Since then, I have been incredibly thankful and just tried my best to continue to work hard and apply myself, and eventually ended up in the role I am in today.

FYG: How would you describe your job to someone who knows nothing about what you do?

CL: I am the person in charge of Boston Uprising. To keep it short, I manage, coach, advise, lead, and build this new esports business venture for The Kraft Group.

FYG: What advice would you give to kids in high school, especially kids from rural areas, who want to get into esports?

CL: Get involved as much as you can. Nowadays, there are so many ways and jobs you can do. The main thing is just taking the initiative and being proactive.

FYG: What strengths, skills, or character traits do you think are most important for your position?

CL: The ability to reflect and learn, strong communication skills. The ability to understand and really listen, charisma, optimism, vision, and more than anything else, understanding people and being decisive.

FYG: What does it mean to you to Find Your Grind? Why is it important?

CL: I think having a good perspective of what makes you happy and what your own strengths are. Using those to determine where, what, and why you want work on to better understand how you can grow over time while getting the experiences you need to do so.

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