Esports Scholarships

The Find Your Grind Foundation recognizes that gaming plays a huge part in the lives of young people today. Gaming encompasses many different passions and lifestyles, from competition to cosplay. 

In partnership with ReKTGlobal, Find Your Grind is launching a series of gaming scholarships to foster these lifestyles and ensure gamers have a chance to pursue their dreams. Our scholarships may be applied to college tuition, attending an event, or even for purchasing necessary equipment to compete or stream. Find Your Grind wants to enable the future generations of gamers and provide the tools necessary to be at the top of your game!

Want to be considered for a future Find Your Grind Esports Scholarship?

Congrats to William for winning the FYG Live Streamer Scholarship Presented by DrLupo

We had an awesome time at the Bay on May 12 with DrLupo. He personally awarded the FYG Live Streamer Scholarship to Nebraska high school student William Koslaphirom. William attends Westside High School in Omaha. His favorite streamers are DrLupo and Ninja together, and he loves the fun environment they create when they duo in Fortnite. He will use the scholarship to pay for part of his tuition at the University of Nebraska Omaha and new streaming equipment. His goal is to do well in school, while maintaining a solid stream schedule.

Check back soon for more esports scholarships!

Gamer Grind Scholarship Winners

The Gamer Grind Scholarship is FYG’s first worldwide scholarship. In addition to William Koslaphirom, the eight additional recipients included winners from around the world, including Greece and the United Kingdom. The winners include Jessica Cummings, John Pagkalidis, Sophia Torres, Zachary Snider, Shawn Toyozaki, Titus Frederick, Matthew Woods and Jason Krell.

  • Jessica Cummings (18) is from Lufkin, TX. Cummings is a League of Legends player who started an esports club at her high school and has been its captain for two years. She aims to create an esports club at her future college, Sam Houston State University. Check out her acceptance speech on Instagram here.
  • John Pagkalidis (19) is from Leeds, UK. He is a top 1 percent League of Legends player. He will use the scholarship to get a new computer so he can reach his full potential and start streaming his games. He also attends local tournaments with a team from his university, Leeds Beckett University. 
  • Sophia Torres (16) is from Oviedo, FL. Her favorite games are League of Legends and Overwatch, and she plans to use the scholarship to buy a gaming computer to help her become a better coach and analyst. She will also use the money to help her pay for college once she graduates from Oviedo High School.
  • Zachary Snider (20) is from Caldwell, ID. He is a big fan of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends. He has volunteered at a local gaming conference since he was 14, and as a student at the College of Idaho, he grew their gaming club to the largest on campus. 
  • Shawn Toyozaki (16) is from Las Vegas. Toyozaki is a competitive Fortnite and League of Legends player. He reached the top 1 percent of players in League of Legends and has a YouTube channel with more than 145,000 subscribers. 
  • Titus Frederick (18) is from Williams Bay, WI. Frederick is a Super Smash Bros. player and tournament organizer. He has hosted two local tournaments so far and wants to organize a third to raise money to build a new playground for his community. 
  • Matthew Woods (24) is from London. Woods is a League of Legends player, sponsored content creator and amateur coach. This scholarship will help him upgrade his computer setup and travel to esports events. 
  • Jason Krell (26) is from Phoenix. Krell is a competitive Pokémon player who will graduate from Arizona State University’s sports journalism master’s program in the fall. He wants to translate his knowledge of traditional sports journalism into the esports community so that he can tell the stories of gamers of all kinds. His goal is to become an editor and teach younger esports journalists. He is also an amateur commentator for Pokémon.

Partnering with ReKTGlobal

Find Your Grind has partnered with ReKTGlobal and are working to provide scholarship opportunities to gamers of all types.

Working with ReKTGlobal’s crew has been a pleasure since the beginning. We are looking forward to great things with ReKT to truly help the next generation of esports. 

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