Five Careers for People Who Can't Get Enough Social Media


Your obsession with pinning, snapping or retweeting could be a lot more than just entertainment or personal expression. These days, it could be a resumé builder or even earn you a dream job.

Social media has changed the worlds of advertising, marketing and business by creating a whole new component of communication with audiences and customers. The good news for digital natives, i.e. kids who grew up with the internet in their lives, is that their familiarity with social media makes them some of the most qualified applicants in this new field. A whole array of jobs have opened up just during the past 10 years that focus on social media as a communication tool for business. If you’re truly a master of likes, then check out a few of these jobs for the social-media-obsessed.

Digital Marketing Manager

Following the normal tenets of working in marketing, a digital marketing manager’s job is to promote a business or sell its products over the internet. This job is all about creating a brand and putting it all over the web, including social media, to implement marketing plans. The creative side of social posts, such as design, are integral to catching people’s eyes.  Familiarity with the best platforms for reaching certain audiences and demographics will help someone in this job succeed at spreading a product around.

Average Salary: $63,000


Whether you’re blogging as an entrepreneur or under the umbrella of a larger company, bloggers and social media lovers are closely related. Running a blog involves using the short and readable diction of social media posts to catch the attention of potential customers. Bloggers need to understand the latest trends in how to advertise through social media, as well as ideal keywords for search engines. Obviously, blogging also involves a lot of writing and editing for each post.

Average Salary: $37,000

Social Media Specialist

Social media outlets have created such wide audiences for companies that they have specific positions to manage their presences on the networks. Social media specialists are tasked with developing strategies for who their companies will use the platforms. The job requires a lot of time researching and looking through media posts and conversations to see how a company should promote or carry itself. Problem solving and creative thinking are necessities for this job because every company wants to stand out on social media with a specific voice and tone.

Average Salary: $38,100

Visual Merchandiser

Visual merchandising is a job made for those with the creative eye. Fashioning a stellar online appearance for a company is the main task of a visual merchandiser. Merchandisers create powerful and attractive designs via social media and web design. This job doesn’t always relate to social media (storefront displays, catalogues and billboards still take up a lot of real estate), but the job is growing as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do.

Average Salary: $34,833

Social Media Analyst

If you prefer the numbers and metrics behind social media more than its various looks and themes, this job could be a good fit. Much like a social media manager, these analysts design online marketing approaches, but they are based on the trends and metric data of social media usage. Simply put, it’s social media approached from a hard angle rather than a subjective “this looks really cool” approach. Tracking site usage and profile views are ways that analysts use data to decide on strategies for their employers.

Average Salary: $45,750


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