Fresh Careers for Foodies (Even If You Don't Know How to Cook!)


Technology has given the food industry a face lift. In an unprecedented way, social media has the power to ignite food trends, promote restaurants, and discover the next big culinary talent. Sharing on platforms like YouTube and Instagram have broken old barriers to entry, making it easier to share your talents with the world. These careers are the perfect marriage of modern technology and a passion for food.

Manage Social Media

Most people rely on social media to find the perfect restaurant for date night, or seek out the latest food trend to try out. Because of this, many restaurants are hiring social media managers to look after their accounts and spread the word in an authentic way. Make sure you are able to understand target markets, grow social media accounts, and generate new customers for your clients.

Social Media Manager – Avg. Salary $50,000

Start a Catering Company

Social media has breathed new life into the catering industry. From the comfort of your own home, you can run a highly successful business. Social media is your best friend and resume, where you can engage with potential customers and showcase your work. Be your own boss, and offer only what you’re best at- BBQ, bake, or put together gourmet cheese plates for corporate events or college parties, for example!

Catering Manager – Avg. Salary $45,000

Run a Food Blog

Everyone loves finding a new great recipe. Food blogs are the modern, infinite version of your mom’s cookbook collection. Successful food bloggers with a defined brand and substantial audience generate income by bringing on advertisers, or having brands pay them to use their product in a recipe. You will need quality photography, creative recipes, and a unique voice!

Food Blogger – Avg. Salary $60,000*

Food Photography

Food photography is an art itself. While many people are artists in the kitchen, they need help capturing their masterpieces on film to show to the world. Every restaurant, TV cooking show, or food blog needs this service! Start by building your portfolio online, and advertise your talents through social media.

Food photographer – Avg. Salary $42,000

Be a Critic

There has been an explosion of online journalism documenting new restaurant openings, food trends, and recipes for entertaining. If you love to eat and share your recommendations with friends and family, this career could be for you. To get started, start reviewing local hotspots and create your own portfolio.

Food Critic – Avg. Salary $90,000

Photo by John Canelis and Eaters Collective

*Salary varies widely

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