Fuel Your Success: Pink Sweat$ wants you to overcome your fear


Pink Sweat$ for Pabst Sound Society
Los Angeles. Photo by @jenjphoto

What is your biggest fear? Is it the fear of failure? Or is it the fear of your light? Maybe you’re scared to invest in yourself. Maybe you’re scared of what your friends and family will say. Maybe you don’t want to get hurt. More often times than not, some quit before their start. Most don’t realize that a step towards your fear can be a leap into freedom. When we’re backed into the wall, that’s when we tap and thrive into our creativity.

“Without fear this is no creativity, it makes sense sometimes to just jump.” — Pink Sweat$

For breakout music artist David Bowen, known as Pink Sweat$, fear was rooted in self doubt after being diagnosed with a career threatening disease, achalasia. For 3 years, Pink Sweat$ battled this disease that deteriorates the nerves in the esophagus. At one point, he lost 30 pounds and wasn’t able to swallow any liquids or food without feeling excruciating pain. A songwriter and producer for artists such as Tierra Whack and many others, Pink Sweat$ never saw himself outside of a songwriter or a demo artist. But after his diagnosis, he chose not to be imprisoned by its effects and found a reason to not take his voice for granted. It was a breakthrough moment. Instead of being repressed by his diagnosis, he worked through to overcome. He used the recovery time to harness his talent — his voice — with creating music that mostly features just using his vocalization, an acoustic guitar, and lyrics that achingly captures love. His style of soothing ballads have since triumphed his diagnosis, leaving a lasting impression of his talent, as well as the saving grace of what pushed motivation for Pink Sweat$ to be better for himself.

Pink Sweat$ for Pabst Sound Society
Los Angeles. Photo by @jenjphoto

“Being diagnosed with achalasia put things into perspective for me — it made me realize I shouldn’t waste time, because I didn’t know if this would lead to me losing my voice,” Sweat$ says. “The universe gave me a reason” to sing again.

Only 26 years old and recording for less than a year, Pink Sweat$ has already overthrown many challenges from his health, career path choices, fighting his family in his pursuit of a music career, to solidifying his values in artistry and not be swayed by popular opinion. His breakout single, “Honesty,” charts throughout all streaming services. And his two projects equating to less than 30 minutes long already averages to over 3 million monthly Spotify listeners.

The Philadelphia artist takes a dive into what being fearless means, sharing his story about how he overcame. Produced by Pabst Blue Ribbon Sound Society, the short film (above) takes us through the Fearless installation in Los Angeles that took fans inside the story of the artist. The Fearless campaign exposes the ferocity he has towards his career in the wake of struggle. In order to be resilient, you must confront your fear and risk the loss, in order to embrace resilience.

What does it feel like to be fearless? First it feels like fear. Then it feels like freedom.

Messages written by attendees. Los Angeles. Photo by @jenjphoto



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