The Find Your Grind Curriculum helps students prepare for life outside of the classroom, with meaningful lessons on topics like finding your identity, responsible social media use, digital citizenship, financial literacy, and the job application process. 

We are excited to announce the launch of Unit 7 of the FYG Curriculum: Find Your Financial Future! Money matters. Financial education matters. Students learn about algebra, geometry, and calculus in school but lack financial literacy. According to the 2018 State of U.S. Financial Capability study, 53% of Americans experience anxiety when thinking about finances, 44% find finances stressful, with respondents between 18-34 years old reporting the highest levels of stress.


The amount and quality of financial education play a direct impact on life and making you happier, healthier, and economically capable. The more financial education students are provided with, the less likely they overdraw their checking accounts, accumulate fee-generating credit cards, or use non-bank borrowing methods — all aspects in which prevent them from using money effectively and pursuing their lifestyle. With money being the number one cause of stress for Americans, quality financial education helps reduce stress, improves relationships, frees up time, and sets up students with a foundation for success. 

Learn what it takes to earn it, save it, grow it,

spend it, protect it, and manage it.

The Find Your Financial Future Unit features 5 lessons, 19 activities, with real-life examples to help students explore the value of money and the importance of its management. Through Unit 7, you can expect to critically apply social-emotional learning, life skills, financial well-being, and career development. With lessons ranging from savings, budgeting, taxes, insurance, understanding loans, managing credit, retirement, and controlling finances to reach your lifestyle, students will better align their future lifestyle with their financial future. 

"Money Matters". Unit 7 Lesson 1 Activity 2
“Money Matters”. Unit 7 Lesson 1 Activity 2

As the final unit of the Find Your Grind Curriculum, you’ll have access to a semester-long worth of activities and lessons that you have access to at no cost! Sign up now! Or sign in!

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