FYG Foundation's Junior Rogue Program Featured by ESPN


ESPN called up our founder Nick Gross to get the details on our groundbreaking Junior Rogue esports accelerator / mentorship program.

“Too many kids feel like they have to go get the perfect grades to go to the perfect college to get the perfect job which creates the perfect life. But a lot of us don’t really realize what the job really entails,” Nick Gross, founder of the Find Your Grind Foundation and drummer for Half the Animal, said in a phone interview with ESPN.

In Gross’ experience, when kids are actually told what life is like as a doctor or engineer, it doesn’t excite them. “So our whole thing is about shifting the focus to like what type of lifestyle you want to live, and what kind of careers exist in these lifestyle buckets that we’ve created, and really exposing what those are,” Gross said.

Read the full article over on ESPN:
Rogue, DrLupo aim to mentor kids in Fortnite, esports

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