Getting Started with Find Your Grind

We're excited you've decided to use the Find Your Grind Curriculum. Use these steps to get started!

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See how Find Your Grind helps educators give students the tools they need to build their foundation and begin the journey to finding their passion in life.

Step 1:

Take the 5-Minute FYG Lifestyle Assessment

Engaging and instructive, the assessment is all about you: It delivers the top five Lifestyles and career videos related to you. Find out what best fits: Begin exploring different Lifestyles, and real professionals living them, along with practical lessons and advice they learned along their journey.

Your students will take this same assessment, so your ability to relate and connect with them based on your personal results will prove massively useful.

So start finding your grind, Teach!

take the assessment

Step 2:

Set up Your Classroom

Create your classes

1. Log in, click on “Dashboard” at the top of the page, and click on + add a class. Note: Access the FYG Curriculum at any time by clicking "Curriculum Dashboard" at the top of the page.

2. Name your class, add it, and click enter

add your students

1. After clicking ‘Enter’ into your classroom, click ‘My Class’ along the left navigation menu

2. Add students, by clicking the button under the student section and entering their names, and email addresses. Note: the fastest way to add the students in your class is to connect Google Classroom to FYG.

3. Students will receive an email and will have to accept to create their FYG accounts in order to access the assignments. Note: Assignments can also be given to them through Google Classroom, but they will need to access the actual activities on Find Your Grind.

4. When you are ready to assign lessons to your students, you will click on ‘Curriculum’, pick the unit, lesson, and activity that you want to use. At the bottom of each activity there is a button to “Assign to the Class.”

Note: Adding additional teachers in a class and sharing students from one teacher to another are features that are coming soon.

Step 3:

Explore the Curriculum

Now that you've taken the Lifestyle Assessment and set up your classroom, dig into the FYG Curriculum!

Units, Activities, and Lessons

Within each Unit, you will see lessons of varying lengths. Each lesson has multiple activities within. With FYG you have the flexibility to pick and choose which units, activities, and lessons you would like to use. However, the activities that we believe are most critical for guiding a class through Find Your Grind have the ‘Recommended’ icon next to them. Many of these will connect to activities in future units.


You will notice that each activity is marked with Level I or Level II - Level I is designed for students ages 12-19. Level II is designed for students aged 16-19, and focuses on more complex ideas. You know your students best, so use what is best for them.

Step 4:

Get familiar with other parts of the Find Your Grind site

While you will assign everything to your students through the FYG Educator Dashboard, your students will do a lot of exploring on other parts of the FYG Site. Getting familiar with these can give you additional content to feature in your classroom and add additional discussion


Students will learn from the people who’ve been there and are doing it. With over 100 videos and articles, they will be able to match their core habits, strengths & traits with like-minded mentors and browse videos on strategies, hacks, and practical lessons from our experts to elevate their game.


Along with Mentor videos, students can explore a variety of 21st century careers. With a focus on emerging trends in business, students will get a feel for the crucial skills needed to succeed in this career, stats around pay, information about the lifestyle and work environment, and what kind of outlook this career has in terms of automation risk, growth and competition.

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