Healing Through Sonic Energy: A Rewarding Journey


After an inspiring recovery from a motorcycle accident, Dr. James became a chiropractor to pay it forward and heal others. Tragically, James developed a rare form of arthritis which forced him to stop practicing. Dr. James never gave up; he found a non-living mentor in Pythagoras, educated himself on Sonic Healing, and started to treat patients in a new way.

Find Your Grind spoke to Dr. James about the importance of helping others, being a lifelong learner, and discovering your passion.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

When did you first develop interest in becoming a Healer?

In 1971, I was 14 years old and I crashed on a motorcycle. I was paralyzed on the left side of my body. All of my doctors said nothing could be done and that I must learn to live with the condition. Instead, my grandmother took me to a Chiropractor who was 84 years old. Much to my astonishment, he fixed me in a week. I thought it was a miracle but he explained the science of Chiropractic to me. It was such a remarkable experience I decided to become a Chiropractor so that I could help people in the same way.

Getting licensed was extremely difficult. It took ten years of academic training and financial hardship. But my passion and commitment got me through all obstacles. As a result, I ended up having “The Dream Practice” caring for patients in the entertainment world, and having over six-thousand active clients.

How did you get into Sonic Healing?

In the year 2000 I got a very rare form of arthritis. Seeing 50-60 people a day took its toll on my hands. Arthritis forced me to end my career. This was like telling Picasso he couldn’t paint at the peak of his career; it was very traumatic for me.

I believe every obstacle has a gift as long as we don’t play victim, so I began to read about what I could do. I became inspired by the life of Pythagoras (600 BC). I read about 100 books about him. The more I read, the more fascinated I became. He became a non-living Mentor for me. He was the father of math, geometry and music. He taught that you could heal through music, which inspired me to create a series of musical instruments for this purpose. Building my own took ten years to accomplish. There were tremendous obstacles that required independent research to achieve, but I am now a successful Sonic Healer with many patients.

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career in alternative medicine?

The most important thing in life is to discover what your passion and purpose is in this world. After that, you must understand that there will be tremendous obstacles, such as finances, fatigue, and time. You must never let anything get in the way of achieving your goal. Patience and persistence are critical. Lastly, you must recognize that rewards are proportional to the effort required to overcome the obstacles.

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