How To Yield Results Like An MVP


To attain success you have to find the tailored training for your individual needs and desires. Whether you’re training for a big game, preparing for a job interview, reading a book, or trying to finish that 5-page paper, practicing discipline will help reach the outcome you desire. Nobody understands self discipline as much as Glenn Holmes, personal trainer and fitness director of Box n’ Burn. What Glenn implements is that you don’t have to be 6’11 or the fastest person to be an MVP. Just the same as you don’t have to attend an Ivy League school, come from a wealthy background, or have straight A’s to reach your dream. As the saying goes, “your past doesn’t define you. What you do NOW defines you.” Parallel to training, you have to practice endurance, feel the burn, and allow yourself recovery to put in the work day in and day out.

As a passionate personal trainer, Glenn can coach anyone to reach their full potential, enabling to reach their MVP status. Empowering his clients with skills, knowledge, and inspiration, use these three tips to yield results like an MVP whether you’re training in the gym or training for life.

3 tips on how to yield results like an MVP:

1. Be Fully Invested

Show up for yourself and be fully dedicated to every session or project. The two simplest things that’ll set you up for success: Be on time. Be present. Remember every time you show up, you are investing in yourself.

2. Expect to Grind

Putting in the work day in and day out will build a good work ethic. There are long days, but the grind will make you progress. So even when things get hard, your focus won’t be on the amount or the demand, but the greater rewards.

3. Absorb like a Sponge

Listen to your heroes and mentors. If people are advising or teaching you, absorb that knowledge. Be a sponge. Listen to as much information as you can from as many sources as you can. It’s up to you to determine what to do with information, but being open minded and listening offers free education and experiences.

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