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Same Mission. Heightened Focus. 

Our world and the world of work is constantly changing and Find Your Grind is always here to be your guide. We’re proud to work with educators and students around the world. For all of us, priorities and focus shifted in new and unexpected ways with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re still here to help.

Making Access Easier.

As many educators, families, and students find themselves at home for an indefinite period of time, we have more #MisfitEducators than ever before. That’s why we want to remind people what they can do with Find Your Grind at home TODAY for free. Find Your Grind is great for middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students and ANYONE exploring new opportunities.

Try These Simple Self-Discovery and Reflection Activities at Home.

  • Experience + Reflection = Insights. Introduction to journaling to process, synthesize and reveal new ideas.
  • I See You.” A reality check on what you are sharing and consuming on social media with a chance to shift toward a positive and socially responsible vibe.
  • Rapid Reflection. Struggling with how to journal? Don’t overthink it. Use this lightning round approach and your gut reactions to see ideas and connections in a new way.
  • May The Best Value Win. Examine and prioritize what you value and get back to what’s really important in your life.
  • Focusing On Your Strengths and Values. Identify your strengths so you can build them as you develop towards your career while using your values as a way to guide your choices.
  • What We Mean By “Lifestyles.” Dig deeper into your assessment results and our lifestyle categories by exploring careers, mentors and related characteristics.

Take Our 5-Minute Lifestyle Assessment. 

  • Unlock hidden skills and better understand yourself. Knowing yourself and preferences about how you want to work and live is crucial to mapping your professional journey. Then, explore different “lifestyles” based on your assessment results!

Create a FREE FYG Account and Explore Different Career Paths with Expert Advice.

  • Learn more about industries and opportunities by exploring new and evolving jobs in our career library.
  • Elevate your game with videos, tips and tricks from our mentors who have forged their own paths in both cutting-edge and traditional careers. Listen to open, honest advice on everything from how they got started to how they stay relevant to what they wish they’d been told in school.

FYG Live: Stay Tuned.

Later this month, we’ll launch free weekly broadcasts online:

  • Roundtable discussions for educators and parents with our Chief Heart Officer Mike Smith and Vice President of Learning Design Lauren Mason Carris and special guests.
  • “Office Hours” with mentors explaining what they do and how that’s changing now.
  • Experts leading “extra credit” workshops for students of any age.

Curriculum for Classroom Teachers.

After you create an account, teachers, don’t forget you can add your middle or high school students and explore a full 7 units of activities to use in whole or in part with your students even virtually. And if you’re on Flipgrid, check out these “best of FYG” resources.

Let the Life You Live Guide the Work You Do

Self-discovery, self-reflection and exploring industries and jobs are still meaningful and engaging activities at a time when so many jobs are impacted, evolving or, worse, being put on hold or eliminated. As we all learn about and pursue what is important to us and what we excel at, Find Your Grind always believes that your future is what you want to make it. There’s not one linear path and choosing a career isn’t one and done.

As many educators, families, and students find themselves at home for an indefinite period of time, we have more #MisfitEducators than ever before. That’s why we want to remind people what they can do with Find Your Grind at home… Click To Tweet

We will get through this together. We know there are a lot of educational resources out there as our community comes together in a time of need. We hope you find Find Your Grind helpful as you navigate the current learning landscape and your own journey.

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