FYG Curriculum in 3 Steps

Get the most out of your free trial.

Step 1. Set up Your School

[NOTE: If someone sent you a link to join their school on Find Your Grind, you can skip this step.]

The FYG Curriculum is unlimited and school-wide for both teachers and students. You’re going to want to share access to any or, better yet, all of your school’s educators. Follow these quick steps to share access to your entire school.

  1. Click on your school name at the very top of any page, or go straight to your School Page.
  2. Once on your School Page, copy your unique school invite link and paste it into a message to your teachers (email, Google classroom, etc).
  3. Each teacher that clicks this link will set up their own teacher account. They should mark themselves as an Educator and click sign up.
  4. As teachers sign up, you'll see an alert on your School Page that says you have Pending Teachers. Click the button to approve them, and they'll have access to the curriculum under your school.
  5. Once you purchase the curriculum, you can send that same unique school invite link to any students you'd like to join you on Find Your Grind.

Step 2: Take the 5-Minute FYG Lifestyle Assessment

Engaging and instructive, the assessment is all about you: It delivers the top five Lifestyles and career videos related to you. Find out what best fits: Begin exploring different Lifestyles, and real professionals living them, along with practical lessons and advice they learned along their journey.

Your students will take this same assessment, so your ability to relate and connect with them based on your personal results will prove massively useful.

So start finding your grind, Teach!

Take the Assessment

Step 3. Explore the Curriculum

Now that you've signed in and taken the Lifestyle Assessment, dig into the FYG Curriculum! Your free trial allows you to preview all eight units with Unit 1 fully unlocked. Time to explore!


Unit 1: Find Yourself directs students through several personality assessment and self-reflection activities. The results — as well as peer and familial assessments — will help them create a strengths inventory and design tangible, personalized goals and action plans.

Each unit includes multiple types of lessons, each represented by its associated subtitle and icon.

View a lesson to see the teacher and student outlines — truly get a feel for what the curriculum can bring to your classroom!

FYG offers up to 180 seat hours of curriculum, as well as dozens of videos and articles focused on relevant careers and Lifestyles (click Explore on the top navigation menu to browse them).

Explore the Learning Objectives

Watch the intro videos get a taste for how each of the eight units can help you transform your students and classroom

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