Find Your Grind in the Classroom

Every student needs and deserves an educational experience that will support who they are, help develop who they want to become, and can serve as a roadmap to where they want to go.


Talk to nearly any high school student about their future careers and you'll hear it: the deep-seated fear of messing it all up. They're fiercely intent on getting it right.

The Find Your Grind Curriculum helps students prepare for life outside of the classroom, with meaningful lessons on topics like finding your identity, responsible social media use, digital citizenship, financial literacy, and the job application process. These critical pieces will set students up for success when playing the game of “life” and provide educators with the tools to have real, substantive conversations with their classes.

This dialogue not only creates deeper connections between teacher and student, but also allows for the building of community in the classroom.

Focuses on social emotional learning and student agency

Allows for exploration of student interests

Challenges students through inquiry and reflection

Creates research opportunities

I hear from teachers over and over again that they need something new to guide these kids to 21st century careers. We built the FYG curriculum to do just that: bring the real world into the classroom.


Co-founder, Find Your Grind
Motivational Speaker
Creator and Host of The Harbor by Jostens


Find Your Grind has taken my leadership class to a new level. The students are engaged from the beginning of the period to the end. The videos, presentations and the worksheets are presented in a challenging but fun way to which the students can relate and respond.


Activities Director at Frontier High School

logo old way

The traditional roadmap to life planning has left us a little lost.

Choose a job. Gain the skills. Live that life.

This model tells young people to guess on a career, develop the necessary skills, and then hope that their future selves enjoy the lifestyle outcome.

It’s an expensive game of chance that’s left generations crushed with debt, unengaged at work, and unable to experience financial and personal freedom.

Teacher Testimonials

The Curriculm at a Glance

7 Units

Help students develop a roadmap for what’s next; decidedly at the intersection of self-discovery, career exploration, and life skill preparation. Fundamental instructional pieces, student assignments, and activities include self-awareness, financial literacy, and postsecondary pursuit research and planning.

100+ Deep-dive Videos

Find Your Grind mentors welcome our camera crews into their 21st century workspaces for a day, making these videos the next best thing to an in-person job-shadow. Students learn about how personality and skill sets factor into success, practical advice for how to get started, and true day-in-the-life responsibilities.

Portfolio Curation

Students curate a living portfolio to showcase powerful artifacts and experiences completed within the curriculum. The portfolio can be accessed when preparing for their next step in life; be it college, scholarship, or job applications.


The curriculum is designed to fit the needs of students grades 7-12. Educators can customize their lesson plan by filtering curriculum content based on life stage or experience, and can assign specific lessons or activities based on a student’s academic needs.

State Standards

The FYG curriculum is aligned with all 50 states’ college and career-ready standards. All content has been designed to support the needs and expectations of each individual state. The FYG curriculum is also aligned with standards on the national level from the following:

ESSA - Every Student Succeeds Act
CTSO - Career and Technical Student Organization Standards
ASCA - American School Counseling Association

Interactive Activities and Lessons

Lessons, prompts, and projects are structured in a way to elicit real, thought-provoking discussion with your students. The pre-designed, semester-long curriculum is structured to provide flexibility for educators, and balances participation between teachers and students.


The FYG curriculum allows students to engage in their learning while still having a high standard for academic skills along with career-ready skills. After using the curriculum toward the end of this year, I can't wait to start next school year using it from day one.


Advisor, Teacher Waverly High School


The Find Your Grind curriculum is youth-friendly and visually rich. It encourages students to prepare for their futures by covering a broad range of themes. The ready-made materials use a variety of learning strategies and offer ample room for in-class discussion. I love it


Business/Tech Teacher Hillsdale High School

Unit Summaries

Unit 1: Find Your "Self"

Habits, Values, Perspectives, Personality

Students will identify aspects about themselves that create their identity. This unit is about self-discovery; what do you know about yourself and what you are unaware of? How do your daily habits impact you? In order to progress and find direction towards a lifestyle you love and career you are passionate about, it is critical to start with a solid foundation of self-awareness.

  • 5 lessons
  • 16 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

Why should I care about my identity, my lifestyle and my habits?

Unit 2: Find Your Lifestyle

FYG Lifestyle Assessment, Power of Mentors, Destination vs. Direction

Students will build upon self-discovery findings, and begin to explore how certain lifestyles directly align with their personality attributes and future desires. In this unit, students are directed away from the traditional mindset of “What I want to be when I grow up?” to “Who is the person I want to be and become?” The idea of chasing a “lifestyle” is introduced by taking FYG’s signature Lifestyle Assessment and students will begin to align their strengths with their interests.

  • 3 lessons
  • 6 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

Where the heck am I going and who can help me get there?

Unit 3: Find Your Grind

Skills, Interests, Lifestyle Alignment, and Next Steps

The alignment of lifestyle, strengths and purposeful career exploration is only possible by establishing a direction in life and by avoiding focusing on a specific destination. In order to “find their grind”, students will articulate their strengths (skills and talents), and begin laying a foundation of accountability to themselves and their future.

  • 3 lessons
  • 8 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

How do I build a strong foundation to support my career choice?

Unit 4: Find Your Opportunities

Career Exploration, Research, Experiences, and Connection

Students will continue to grow by shifting their focus to discover the value of the career ladder, understand possible postsecondary pathways, explore the wide array of career fields, develop the foundational skills for career preparation, and begin to build upon experiences to open doors for future opportunities as a professional.

  • 4 lessons
  • 19 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

Where and how do I begin my future?

Unit 5: Find Your Balance

Identify Stressors, Self-Assessment, Reflection, Facing Failure

Students walk through each level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and learn how stress and failure create obstacles in their lives. Students will end the unit by confronting failure and stress, and explore different ways to cope.

  • 2 lessons
  • 11 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

Are you equipped to fight life’s battles?

Unit 6: Find Your Reputation

Digital Citizenship, Social-Media Presence, Responsibility, Personal Branding

Students will be asked to align their digital footprint with who they want to become. With an emphasis in digital platforms, digital safety, and leaving a positive digital footprint, students will be able to reflect on their current uses of social media, and how they want to utilize its power in the future.

  • 2 lessons
  • 8 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

Are you what your Instagram says you are?

Unit 7: Find Your Financial Protection

Value of Money, Financial Awareness, Saving & Borrowing, Make Budgeting Personal, Financial Decision Making

Financial Literacy is the first step towards having financial freedom. This stage is a comprehensive introduction to earning, saving, and spending your very first wages. Students will cover fundamentals such as taxes, banking, budgeting, investing and more...

  • 5 lessons
  • 18 Activities

Students will be focusing on their ability to answer the following driving question:

How do I position myself financially for an unknown future?

Did you know that the FYG Curriculum is aligned with state college and career-ready standards?

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Continuous Learning:

Find Your Grind eCourse Library

FYG eCourses provide the opportunity for students to use course content in a practical way, rather than just learn it. Building upon the ethos of our core curriculum, e-courses are focused on specific 21st century topics, and gamify the individual learning experience. Upcoming Find Your Grind eCourses focus on:

Financial Literac

Financial Literacy

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness



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