Legacy Vs. Likes

By Mike Smith


Legacy vs Likes

Mike Smith's debut book is for students and adults ready to challenge themselves to pursue a passion—especially if they're down to do good for the world along the way. Along with engaging anecdotes and real-life tales of challenges and lessons learned, this book asks tough questions. If you're honest in your answers, it should make you uncomfortable. On leaders and influencers, social followings and funerals, "Legacy vs. Likes" dares you to stop talking and start doing. Softcover, 176 pages.

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Perfect for Tweens, Teens AND Adults

Don't put a device in your child's hand without handing them this book too! Mike Smith does an awesome job challenging all of us to think about the power we have in our devices to make a positive influence in the world.

Excellent read for adults and kids.

Mike Smith and Andrew Norman have put together an essential book for kids in the age of social media. A quick and engaging read, I finished the book in two sittings and now intend to pass it on to my kids; at 13 and 11, this is a great time to read this.

Five stars

Kids need this. Schools need this. You need this! Worth every minute.

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