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You are always evolving but grounded in your moral compass. Continue to find inspiration and never lose sight of your intention to make a difference.

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You are a natural leader, and want to use your influence to inspire the next generation. You can’t help but constantly think about the next steps, organize, or plan, because you love taking accountability and being an optimist for the future. You know how to listen, and your ability to find a common ground with anyone invites people to trust you and ask for guidance. The passion and knowledge you have for subject matters are unmatched, and drives you to think outside the box in communicating what you know. Your ability to teach new concepts while building community — and the joy you find when you see others engaged and discover themselves — makes you a nurturer at heart.

“Experiment on yourself. Learn how different foods work with your body. Experience will provide lessons that will enable you to teach others.”
- , Nutritionist

What makes you an Educator

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Educators, We Must Embrace Failure

Educators, we must embrace failure

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