Entertainers are complex individuals that can be difficult to understand. While you are able to socialize effortlessly, you also enjoy your quiet time alone. You crave positive feedback from others, but are independent and have a strong sense of self. Entertainers by nature are engaging, charming, and able to captivate a room. Know you have a special talent, and be committed to your craft!

You are creative, open-minded, and curious about the world around you. One of your greatest qualities is your desire to make others happy. You enjoy the finer things in life and want to experience everything to the fullest! You love a good party, a new outfit, front row seats, and a gourmet meal. Smart and quick-witted, you can get bored easily and need constant stimulation. Remember, the entertainment industry is highly competitive; in order to be successful, you need to stay motivated and have a tough shell!

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