You're an Organizer

Organized process, planning, and routine structures your productive world.

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Your world is quite structured, from morning to night. You like things neat and tidy, thrive on a routine, and are willing to work extra hard on the front end to avoid unexpected situations and consequences. Your interconnected productivity tools serve as your superhero’s cape. You use them to manage your own busy life, and to keep those around you from disrupting your flow. Your skills make you an invaluable team member as your systems and attention to detail help ensure a project’s success!

“Personally, I was just motivated. I knew what I wanted. I saw my dreams and I didn't want anything to steer me away from that.”
- Charm La'Donna, Choreographer

What makes you an Organizer

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5 Organizers Who Keep Life On Track

A dance choreographer, esports program director, and school board vice president drive results from their organizational abilities.

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