Find Your Grind for New Jersey

  • FYG provides a platform for students to create, analyze, and apply each area addressed within New Jersey's 12 Career Ready Practices
  • FYG covers 94% of Grade 8 and Grade 12 standard statements for the Career Awareness, Exploration, and Preparation (9.2) content area
  • FYG standards match 75% of Grade 12 standard statements for all strands of Personal Financial Literacy (9.1)
  • FYG can assist with the development of students' Personal Learning Plans and New Jersey's career exploration graduation requirement
  • FYG can be used in lieu of or in conjunction with the New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator

Let Find Your Grind assist you in creating a “Thorough and Efficient Education” for New Jersey students.

Find Your Grind curriculum contains...

  • Always up-to-date videos and stories of professionals working in 21st Century careers
  • Exclusive scholarship and mentorship opportunities
  • 180 seat hours of career exploration, personal finance, self-assessment, social/emotional health, and social media safety lessons
  • Four adaptations for full-credit stand-alone courses, half-credit or skinny block time slots, and advisory period setups.
  • Full access to our experts to ask about the lessons, resources, accommodation suggestions, learning extensions, etc.


We've got a curriculum expert standing by to answer your New Jersey-specific questions.