March 23, 2023 | Harold Hare

We’re hiring: Future Ready Coach – Professional Development Trainer

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Find Your Grind helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go by flipping the script on traditional career planning and focusing on a lifestyle-first approach.

Find Your Grind’s curriculum is designed for middle school and high school and is delivered through an AI-powered approach to learning, self-discovery, and career exploration – helping students become future-ready in a rapidly evolving world.

Where you’ll be

At Find Your Grind we’re a fully remote and distributed team, and for this role, we’re looking for someone in the United States who is willing to travel. As this role requires interaction with English-speaking end users, having a native speaker level of English will also be critical.

The Opportunity

The Professional Development Trainer needs to be energetic, creative, and empathetic to educators with a passion for preparing Gen Z students for the future. You’ll want to rely on your experience as a teacher to build a rapport and respectful environment with educator participants, yet your passion for flipping the script on traditional career planning to inspire them. 

You’ll join Find Your Grind in our 2nd year of in-market challenges, and our first year of providing professional development opportunities. We’re incredibly hungry for success, and in this opportunity, you’ll be working remotely to level up our in-person professional development training outcomes.

You’ll kick off Find Your Grind’s professional development—Future Ready Educator Training—by facilitating a future-proofing best-in-class experience for teachers, counselors, and coaches. The idea is to apply a new standard for teaching and to facilitate professional learning that models Find Your Grind’s ethos and values. 

Find your Grind’s professional development looks to accomplish: 

  • Application of a new standard for teaching—the training will focus on facilitating an engaging, advocating, reflective, and transformational learning experience for both students and teachers. 
  • An environment for building rapport and trust—planning and assessment are de-emphasized so that relationships, social and emotional learning, and context can be the focus.
  • Building confidence in the future—inspire and teach skills to becoming a future-ready educator and become an expert in teaching the next generation of changemakers!
  • Inspiration and modeling is key—reenergize participants with Find Your Grind professional development and learning to establish a new rapport with students on future-ready concepts.
  • Educators leave the training knowing the best ways to implement and leverage Find Your Grind and future-ready concepts in their classrooms and beyond.

In an EdTech startup like ours, responsibilities are fluid and accountabilities are clear. For this role you’ll be clearly accountable for:

  • Facilitating professional learning
  • Motivating and empowering educators
  • Inspiring and promoting positive change
  • Attending training the trainer sessions 
  • Practicing training sessions 
  • Tailoring sessions, skills, and learning experiences unique to your participants’ goals and interests
  • Collaborating with FYG leaders to provide feedback and revisions to the professional development training sessions 
  • Future-proofing your own skills to facilitate an inspiring and outcome-driven training experience 
  • Organization and distribution of all training materials 
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting any issues that arise while at in-person or in virtual training

This position can lead to:

  • Training future professional development facilitators

Where this role sits within Find Your Grind

  • CEO +  President
    • Director of Customer Success and Director of Curriculum
      • Future Ready Coach

The Future Ready Coach stakeholders

  • FYG Customers
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Director of Curriculum

Key attributes we’re looking for…

  • You have an incredible way of engaging an audience, building a strong rapport and reaching professional learning outcomes at the end of a day-long training 
  • You are or have been an educator and understand the hardships and struggles both educators and students face today 
  • Your passion is to inspire educators to have confidence in the future and empower them with future-proofing skills  
  • You’re ready for a change in the education system, you believe skills and talents are at the core of helping students see their own potential and a dream lifestyle that’s reachable 
  • You’re cool, calm, and collected when issues arise and know the importance of problem-solving skills and how to defuse any firecracker—you empathize, you understand, and you know how to listen and what to say 
  • You are the most organized person you know, you’re not only planning your own time, but manage in-house and third-party resources to get the job done
  • Coworkers and friends often use these words to describe you: positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trusting, focused, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, observant, respectful, patient, and a clear communicator 
  • Participant satisfaction  
  • Strong communication skills
  • Drive to execute at a quick pace to unlock maximum impact
  • You’ve completed this challenge at least once before, and loved every second of it

What styles work at Find Your Grind

The Futute Ready Coach must have the ability to work cross-functionally and be credible — a difficult trait to define but an impossible one to ignore. At Find Your Grind, we find credibility often stems from a mix of hard work and strong relationships across the organization. Put another way: people must enjoy working with the Future Ready Coach. And history serves as a good guide.

A typical day at Find Your Grind as the Future Ready Coach

  • 80% Educating educators
    • Facilitating an impactful and empowering professional learning experience
  • 10% Scheduling and organization
    • Prepare and organize materials and technology needed to facilitate professional learning 
  • 10% Data Sharing for Service Improvement
    • Sharing what is and is not working

Applying for this role

Please email with your resumé and a cover letter addressing why you would be amazing at delivering the outcomes we are looking for.

Expect 4 phases for applicants who are contacted to move forward:

  • Phase 1, Meet and Greet
    • A quick 20 min call for us both to get a feel for each other’s energy and perspectives on the world.
  • Phase 2, Discover More
    • A 45-minute, role-based interview, where you’ll get to find out a lot more about us, and we’ll be keen to do the same with you
  • Phase 3, Case Study + Culture
    • You’ll be given a case study to analyze and solve, and present back to us. After your presentation, you’ll spend time with some of our team to get a stronger feel for our culture and gain new perspectives on how team members view life at Find Your Grind.
  • Phase 4, Confirmation
    • This phase is designed to give us, and you, time to address any final assumptions we may have about each other before an offer may be presented.

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