January 19, 2023 | Jay Stansell

We’re hiring: Product Marketing Manager

Find Your Grind is growing. Join our team. Find Your Grind helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go by flipping the script on traditional career planning and focusing on a lifestyle-first approach.

Find Your Grind’s curriculum is designed for middle school and high school and is delivered through an AI-powered approach to learning, self-discovery, and career exploration – helping students become future-ready in a rapidly evolving world.

Where you’ll be

At Find Your Grind we’re a fully remote and distributed team, and for this role, we’re looking for someone in the USA. As this role requires interaction with English-speaking end users, having a native speaker level of English will also be critical.

The Opportunity

The Product Marketing Manager needs to be creative, a visionary, and an excellent strategist. You’ll have to rely on your knowledge and understanding of the product, and the target market to develop innovative marketing strategies.

You’ll be joining Find Your Grind in our 2nd year of in-market challenges. We’re incredibly hungry for success and in this opportunity, you’ll be working remotely to level up our marketing outcomes.

You’ll be taking over all marketing efforts, currently led directly by our President and VP of Product. That means there’s enough process for you to have some momentum from day 1, but also the expectation is that in this dedication position, your metrics will outperform anything we’ve ever done by a long margin!

In an EdTech startup like ours, responsibilities are fluid and accountabilities are clear. For this role you’ll be clearly accountable for:

  • Identifying a coherent marketing strategy for the product
  • Creation and publishing of all outbound activity, emails, social posts, and landing pages, for the purpose of MQL and SQL growth
  • Creation and publishing of paid advertisements
  • Shaping communication and product positioning
  • Identifying the product features to spotlight and empowers the sales team with clear value propositions
  • Explain benefits of product features via customer-facing messaging
  • Implementing website optimization hypotheses, to uplift conversion rates across key metrics
  • Empowering go-to-market teams such as sales, support, customer success, and account management.
  • Analyzing Hubspot and third-party reports for insights into conversion rate uplift throughout the entire marketing funnel
  • Assisting the sales team with the creation of marketing assets for conferences across the United States
  • Collaborating with third-party partners to ensure quality commercial outcomes regarding paid media performance

Assets and activities you’ll be able to leverage, including Fireside Chats, webinars, the complete Hubspot Marketing tech stack, our EdWeek.com relationship, conference attendance, 100s of proprietary videos, sample curriculum content, quarterly feature release videos and much more.

Benefits at Find Your Grind

  • Vacation: Everyone starts at 10 days of Vacation. After your 3rd Anniversary adds 5 more days to your Vacation.
  • Sick Leave: 6 Sick Days per year.
  • Holidays: Everyone gets an additional 12 days of holidays throughout the year.
  • Sabbatical: After 48 months with FYG get 4 weeks unpaid leave to explore.
  • Maternity leave: After 12 months with FYG get 8 weeks paid + 8 weeks unpaid leave.
  • Paternity leave: After 12 months with FYG get 6 weeks unpaid leave.
  • Giving back: 1 Day per year to volunteer in your community.

Where this role sits within Find Your Grind

  • CEO + President
    • Product Marketing Manager
    • Director Sales Development
    • Director Customer Success
    • VP Engineering
    • Senior Product Manager
    • Director of UX

The Product Marketing Manager stakeholders

  • CEO + President
  • Find Your Grind Leaders (VPs + Directors)
  • Video/audio production team
  • External parties

Key attributes we’re looking for…

  • You have incredible analysis skills and know how to correlate and pivot data sets to maximize marketing optimization, through the entire marketing funnel
  • You have attractive copywriting skills that engage the audience, and you value creating copy that generates demand above grammatical correctness
  • You are the most organized person you know, you’ll not only planning your own time, but manage in-house and third-party resources to get the job done
  • You’re a marketing tech nerd, but more than that, you know the difference between hype and reality, so you can create incredible conversion rates
  • Customer obsession
  • Mastery of both qualitative feedback and quantitative metrics
  • Strong communication skills
  • Drive to execute at a quick pace to unlock maximum impact
  • Deep influence to align stakeholders to the strategy
  • You’ve completed this challenge at least once before, and loved every second of it

You and your background

What styles work at Find Your Grind

The Find Your Grind Product Marketing Manager must have the ability to work cross-functionally and be credible — a difficult trait to define but an impossible one to ignore. At Find Your Grind, we find credibility often stems from a mix of hard work and strong relationships across the organization. Put another way: people must enjoy working with the Product Marketing Manager. And history serves as a good guide.

A typical day at Find Your Grind as the Product Marketing Manager

  • 60% Content Planning, Ideation, and Generation
    • Organize 100% of Find Your Grind’s marketing efforts and execute on getting it done.
    • Plan, be creative, and execute strategic and continuous marketing initiatives.
  • 20% Production Planning and Support
    • Prepare and organize dependent teams so they know well ahead of time what you will need from them, and then follow through on ensuring the quality and timeframes are met.
  • 20% Data Analysis
    • You’ll be digging out optimization opportunities every week, to ensure every open, click, comment, like, and share metric can be maximized.

What you’re first 90 days could look like

Your 10 days in, and…

  • You’ve felt the love of the Find Your Grind family (You’ll meet our CEOs, Nick and Natasha, in our hiring process), and you’re loving the fact you can bring your whole self to work every day.
  • You’ve re-established your Hubspot Marketing and Reporting certification, giving you the confidence to get going.
  • You’ve completed your Find Your Grind product onboarding as a student, identified your lifestyle matches, and have passed your summative assessments.

You’re 30 days in and…

  • Your product knowledge for educators and students is advanced, and you fully see the value proposition.
  • You’ve actively taken over the current day-to-day operations of marketing, preparing and sending emails, landing pages, and social media posts.
  • You’ve established foundational knowledge of HubSpot reporting and analytics and know how to leverage data to improve conversion rates.
  • You’ve commenced managing internal and external stakeholders for asset creation as needed.
  • You’re leading our weekly marketing sessions, keeping all things moving, removing blockers, and foreseeing issues.

You’re 60 days in and…

  • You’re in complete control of what marketing assets and processes we have and how we measure success.
  • You’ve begun to think through how we can do things better along two themes, productivity and performance.
  • You’ve developed your relationship with the sales team and have begun to see the alignment.
  • Your buyer persona and product knowledge are exceptional, as you’ve pushed yourself to completely understand both.

You’re 90 days in and…

  • You 100% own the marketing function and the results.
  • You’re setting marketing OKRs for next quarter and reviewing KPIs.

Applying for this role

Please email jay@findyourgrind.com with your resumé and a cover letter addressing why you would be amazing at delivering the outcomes we are looking for.

There is expected to 4 phases for applicants who are contact to move forward:

  • Phase 1, Meet and Greet
    • A quick 15 min call for us both to get a feel for each others energy and perspectives on the world.
  • Phase 2, Discover More
    • A 45 minute, role based interview, where you’ll get to find out a lot more about us, and we’ll be keen to do the same with you
  • Phase 3, Case Study + Culture
    • You’ll be given a case study to analyze and solve, and present back to us. After your presentation you’ll spend time with some of our team to get a stronger feel for our culture and gain new perspectives on how team members view life at Find Your Grind
  • Phase 4, Confirmation
    • This phase is designed to give us and you time to address any final assumptions we may have about each other before an offer may be presented

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