May 16, 2022 | Jay Stansell

We’re hiring: Sales Development Representative

Find Your Grind is growing. Join our team.

Find Your Grind helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go by flipping the script on traditional career planning and focusing on a lifestyle-first approach.

Find Your Grind’s curriculum is designed for middle school and high school and is delivered through an AI-powered approach to learning, self discovery, and career exploration – helping students become future-ready in a rapidly evolving world.

Where you’ll be

At Find Your Grind we’re a fully remote and distributed team, and for this role, we’re looking for someone in the USA. As this role requires interaction with English-speaking end users, having a native speaker level of English will also be critical.

The Opportunity

We are looking for a driven, enthusiastic, and hungry Sales Development Representative to help us bring schools and districts into our Find Your Grind product. You will have a hunger for turning potential customers into believers and you love the game of pitching to prospective end-users of our product while building trust in our brand.

You will be responsible for taking introductory calls with the top of our funnel, and moving our qualified leads through the funnel to Find Your Grind account closers- who you will eventually become!

You will relish working in a fast-paced, fun, energetic and collaborative environment as you will be working alongside other sales development representatives and managers on our team, in addition to collaborating on a weekly basis with multiple departments to help inform decisions and future-proof your sales game.

You are a problem solver, critical thinker, and team player ready to hit the ground running. Your charm and charisma will shine through your initial introduction calls and meetings! If this sounds like you, then we want to talk!

Benefits at Find Your Grind

  • Vacation: Everyone starts at 10 days of Vacation. After your 3rd Anniversary adds 5 more days to your Vacation.
  • Sick Leave: 6 Sick Days per year.
  • Holidays: Everyone gets an additional 12 days of holidays throughout the year.
  • Sabbatical: After 48 months with FYG get 4 weeks unpaid leave to explore.
  • Maternity leave: After 12 months with FYG get 8 weeks paid + 8 weeks unpaid leave.
  • Paternity leave: After 12 months with FYG get 6 weeks unpaid leave.
  • Giving back: 1 Day per year to volunteer in your community.

Where this role sits within Find Your Grind

  • CEO + President
    • Account Executive
      • Sales Development Representative
    • VP Engineering
    • VP Product + Learning

The Sales Development Representative customer sets:

  1. District Level Buyer
  2. School Level Buyer
  3. Internal – Marketing and Product teams

Key attributes we’re looking for…

  • You have experience with the early days of the sales cycle, ideally with educators and K12 decision-makers
  • You know how to engage leads and present products in exciting and energizing ways
  • You’re proven in actively building a pipeline of leads, through various forms of outreach (cold calls, social media, conferences, email campaigns, etc)

You and your background

You’re not into ‘industry sales averages’ because you’re an overachiever. You’ve proven this in your 1-2 years of experience.

You have a proven track record of being able to hit your KPIs and a successful close-rate of MQLs that have successfully been passed into SQL opportunities.

What styles work at Find Your Grind

The Find Your Grind Sales Development Representative must have the ability to work cross-functionally and be credible — a difficult trait to define but an impossible one to ignore. At Find Your Grind we find credibility often stems from a mix of hard work and strong relationships across the organization. Put another way: people must enjoy working with the Sales Development Representative. And history serves as a good guide.

A typical day at Find Your Grind as the Account Executive

80% Sales Development

You turn MQL leads into SQL sales opportunities. We invest heavily in generating MQLs.

We invest heavily in generating MQLs. You’ll be converting MQLs into SQLs and getting them to the demo phase of the sales cycle. This includes completing the pre-requisite documentation some clients ask for (RFI, RFP).

10% Account Management

Maintain your converted accounts and seek renewal opportunities and revenue growth within them, in partnership with our product and customer success team.

10% Report and Share

Supplying the management team with reports on customer needs or interests, potential new products, or services, and competitive activities

What you’re first 90 days could look like

Your 10 days in, and…

  • You’ve felt the love of the Find Your Grind family (You’ll meet our CEOs, Nick and Natasha, in our hiring process), and you’re loving the fact you can bring your whole self to work every day
  • You’ve completed product onboarding and started practicing your sales pitch
  • You’ve demonstrated your sales pitch to the leadership team and proven you can answer typical high-level customer questions
  • You’ve watched hours of sales call recordings and have been shadowing a sales team member in live calls
  • You’ve found your way around the CRM and already your sales activities (emails and calendar events) are showing up in our weekly report
  • You know the numbers you’re measured by and you’re working out ways you will own them

You’re 30 days in and…

  • You’ve picked up 20 new SQLs and you are on your way, starting to lead the sales development conversation
  • You’ve now shadowed a sales team member in an additional 20 sales calls
  • You’re loving being on the team, and you’re sharing what is working and what’s not working, resulting in others learning from you as much as you are learning from them
  • You’ve jumped into our weekly Pub Trivia quiz on Slack and belly laughed at some of the answers

You’re 60 days in and…

  • You know your metrics, and you’re starting to be able to predict future performance
  • You’ve mastered your product knowledge and you can answer any questions as consistently as the next salesperson
  • You’re reporting internally as a pro, confident in what’s being achieved, and truthful about where you feel there is uncertainty.

You’re 90 days in and…

  • You’ve smashed your goals and are celebrating with the FYG crew
  • You’re saying hi to the next Sales Development Representative member, as a larger portion of your time moves from sales development to closing sales
  • You’re across our OKRs and working with the Find Your Grind leadership to identify next quarter’s objectives

To apply email, with an attached resumé, and a subject title that shows you’ve got the skills to grab attention in an inbox!

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