Number One Spot: Five Competitors Redefining Success


How do you define success? We’re exposed to different concepts of success on the media. Our biggest celebrity icons flaunt money, cars, dress in luxury clothing, and have the most exclusive items that scream #goals. We see championship trophies and record breaking accolades. The influencers we trust have access to the newest brands and invitations to events, all while building an empire of followers, likes, and comments. Your best friend lands a new position or receives a promotion with a hefty raise. All of these targets, whether in wealth, influence, and status are typical measurements of success. But, they are fluid.

Whether they’ve won championships, are multi-faceted in their career, recognized as a billion dollar company, or attain a lucrative game plan, these five competitors redefine success by what’s important to them. By their own definition, success is a personal vision that reflects your aim and outcome. You may not be able to predict your future or calculate your next win, but you can control the output. How do you define success, when you’re only competing yourself for that number one spot?

See how these five competitors are redefining success.

Circe Wallace, Sports Agent
Success is… being self made.

Each career trajectory is different and the path isn’t always black and white. Circe Wallace wanted to take matters into her own hands and challenged herself to write her own disposition, which led her into the path from professional snowboarder to sports agent. Not only did she choose to drive her personal growth, but she continues to challenge gender representation in a male dominated industry. To push through means creating your own way and story.

Kevin Stirdivant, Real Estate Agent
Success is… being engaged with more than yourself, but with others.

Some dream of a mass following, a celebrity status, or popularity. For Kevin Stirdivant, this type of status in influence is something he doesn’t take lightly. As a real estate agent, he knows it’s more than just about the outward facing lifestyle, but the connection he attains and maintains with his clients and employees. It is about your essence and your ability to engage with others which assisted in building his billion dollar company. Without the connection, are you really influencing others?

Naserin Bogado, Art Director
Success is… being able to help others deliver the message.

All the accolades doesn’t necessarily translate to success. For Naserin Bogado, being able to uniquely pivot her career to match her strengths also meant she needed to change her mindset in what she was chasing and why. For those building themselves as multi-faceted, creative individuals, the target of success isn’t always within the thrill of chasing the next big thing, but grows into the thrill in helping others deliver their own message.

Suzy Ryoo, Venture Capitalist
Success is… having grit.

Your output will directly impact your outcome. For Suzy Roo, her history in achievement is built from the foundation of working hard and giving valuable contributions. For her, the path to success isn’t about your background or a colorful resume but the application of hard work and the opportunities you’ve received. It means to show up and bring passion to the table, not the ego. Having grit and grinding hard is your ability to “shoot your shot.” No matter how many times you throw one up, something is bound to sink in.

Alexander Rossi, Race Car Driver
Success is… mastering your craft.

Winning doesn’t come naturally, it takes practice. For professional race car driver, Alexander Rossi, not skipping steps and passionately putting in the 10,000 hours of work has helped him win championships time and time again. Putting in the work is a mindful practice, which goes from everything to utilizing your environment, the people or team you’re around, and everything you consume. When practicing this mindset, a more intentional output follows with the results you want.

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