The Find Your Grind Foundation was started by Nick Gross and Natasha Barritt in 2015 to empower youth to find passion and purpose. The Find Your Grind Scholarship is all about helping youth find their grind - whatever that may be. Our scholarship may be applied to college tuition, towards obtaining a required license or permit, or even for purchasing necessary equipment you need for your new business. 

Unlike most scholarship opportunities, this is about stories, not scores! Unconventional career paths are the future norm. We want to champion your entrepreneurial spirit and provide the tools you need to accomplish your dream.

Nominate a Peer

In the spirit of celebrating others, we will be giving out a Find Your Grind Scholarship at every stop of our high school tour in 2017-2018. If you plan on attending one of the Josten’s & Find Your Grind Tour Stops, you can nominate a deserving peer:

Nominate Yourself

We also want to hear your own story. Tell us what “Find Your Grind” means to you, and how you embody this mentality.

Featured FYG Scholarship Recipients

Hannah Atherton

The three words used to describe her were “Stronger By Circumstance.” This amazing young lady has overcome incredible hardship; losing her parents at an early age was just the beginning. However, she managed to be an Honor Roll student, President of her class, involved in both yearbook committee and cheerleading. Outside of school, she works two part-time jobs. 

From Hannah: I will be using my Find Your Grind Scholarship to help with my college and future plans. I am very appreciative of these funds and will be using it for college expenses over the next few years. This way, as I continue to work, the money I make can be put aside in a savings account for my future and business endeavors.

Tori Boyle (Educator)

As a teacher, I am investing the Find Your Grind Scholarship back into my school Bureau Valley, our students, and “staffulty.” We work throughout the school year to make it feel like a family within our school by recognizing students with student of the month, leadership opportunities, field trips, Renaissance shirts, cards, birthday cake, winter wishes, and much more. We also work to recognize the staffulty with Renaissance shirts, staff of the month, gifts, birthday ambush, Staffulty Appreciation Week, and more. 

We ask all students and staff to write a winter wish for themselves or someone else and we grant as many as possible. Many of the wishes were small like candy or flowers and some were larger, like clothing and calculators. Big or small, these brought so much joy and showed members of our community that someone cared about them. We will then use any money left to help send students to the 2018 Jostens Renaissance National Conference! 

Our Partners

The Find Your Grind Foundation has been able to partner with many incredible organizations that are similarly working to further education opportunities and transform lives.

It has been a honor to support Will.I.Am’s I.Am.Angel Foundation, and watch their students excel in futuristic STEM programming and robotics. We have spotlighted a few of the students below. 

Learn more about about I.Am.Angel | Photos curtesy of I.Am.Angel

Rosalba Palma

I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Davis. While in high school, my focus was Math, Science, and Technology, and I was a member of the National Honor Society. This scholarship will help me in my long-term plan of attending medical school. The financial burden of textbooks alone for my chemistry major is tremendous!

Fernando Ponce

I was born and raised in Boyle Heights, CA and my dream was always to be able to go to college. Thanks to my scholarship, I will have the resources needed for me to succeed and pursue my career in mechanical engineering. My junior year in high school I found my passion for mechanical engineering and robotics. I’m currently attending California State University Los Angeles, and will also be a mentor at my former high school’s robotics team.