Part of the Plan: 5 Contributors You Want On Your Side


Whether through sports, office work or in the classroom, we all know someone who stands out as a great teammate. They facilitate success by managing projects, assisting others or providing an integral piece of a larger project.

By the Find Your Grind definition, a Contributor is someone who has a great sense of the big picture as well as their role within it. While they may not shy away from the spotlight, they don’t necessarily seek it. Yet you can always feel their supportive presence.

Today’s list features professionals who have found a passion in positively contributing to endeavors large and small. From building connections to saving lives, read on for some of the ways in which Contributors play their parts to perfection.

Kelsey Romshek

Firefighters contribute to society in myriad ways, and the job itself requires a strong head and top-notch teamwork. So says Kelsey Romshek, fire captain in Lincoln, Nebraska. While his 24-hour workdays bring constant variance, tasks range from training and inspection to community education to, predominantly, emergency medical service.

All of Romshek’s duties are carried out in teams of two or four, and crews always work together at incident scenes and at the fire station. The longtime captain says a good firefighter is someone who isn’t afraid to get involved and is willing to lay their life down to help others.

Hear more about what it takes to be a firefighter in Romshek’s video interview.

Thania Peck

If you’re a fan of music, fashion or both, traveling the world in pursuit of those endeavors probably sounds like a blast. Thania Peck has made a career out of it as a lifestyle and fashion blogger, covering the latest trends from New York Fashion Week to Coachella.

At, Peck’s roles include creative director, photographer, writer and art director. But she contributes to those people around her in one key way: attitude. Peck attributes her success with making connections. She gives off positive energy, makes people feel comfortable and tries to be “the person everyone wants to work with.”

Peck talks more about those vibes in our video interview.

Mike “Typo” Bassett

Esports manager Mike “Typo” Bassett is an everyman for the Super Smash Bros Melee squad he runs. While his players crush the competition, he handles the dirty work of social media, expense reports, coordinating practice partners and ensuring the team has sustenance during long tournament hours.

The kicker? Bassett does it all for the Los Angeles-based Immortals remotely from his Ann Arbor, Michigan home. Gaming is his passion — he is himself a Smash enthusiast — and via friends, connections and his YouTube channel, he’s found a way to make it a career from a distance.

Typo tells us more about his unique job in this video.

Danny Evans

At this point, it should be clear that communicating effectively is a hallmark of a good Contributor. Danny Evans has built an entire clothing brand on the two-way street of connection-making. That brand, Ethika, works with athletes and musicians, which requires Evans to travel often for events and networking. He says the most important skill in those settings is learning when to talk and when to listen.

That goes for inside the company too, where Evans manages marketing, product and social media teams. He says it’s crucial to find colleagues from whom he can learn something. “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Hear more about Evans’ philosophy in our interview.

Jessica Choi

Thousands of moving parts exist within a major movie production. Nowhere has that been truer than at silver screen powerhouse Marvel, where Jessica Choi manages the whirlwind of shots and visual effects that comprise the company’s unparalleled string of blockbuster hits. Her job is basically a front-row seat to the filmmaking process, helping stories go from ideation to storyboard to finished product.

Facilitating that process and the countless changes and edits it involves can be rigorous work. Choi credits her constant education to mentors and peers in her industry, people she finds more valuable than any formal training.

Choi explains the youthful Marvel culture and the rigors of her job in our Q&A.

Main photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

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