Aaron Levant

Business Developer

“If you say you’re going to do something for someone, you do it.”


Los Angeles, CA

Average Work Week


Aaron is a perfect example of why we say The Future Belongs to the Misfits. At 16 years old, he got kicked out of high school and fell into an internship with a fashion company. From that point on he jumped on every opportunity that came his way to fill the missing gap of streetwear in trade shows.  At 19 years old, Aaron launched a satellite fashion trade show company called Agenda. The trade show featured 30 lifestyle brands and brought all the current fashion trends to one place. Agenda expanded into a fashion behemoth and is now the biggest, brightest, most competitive, most progressive, most I-saw-this-famous-person-there trade show in streetwear. And while people argue about what exactly “streetwear” is—mainly hats, hoodies, sneakers, and especially t-shirts—fewer argue about the sales: around $80 billion USD, almost one-third the value of America’s $250 billion fashion industry. 

After 18 years with Agenda, the 36 year old streetwear legend parlayed his influence in the streetwear industry with modern technology. He is now the CEO of NTWRK –  a revolutionary pop culture app that offers the ability to purchase exclusive item drops during scheduled shows. NTWRK features today’s most popular icons. Aaron attributes his success to his relentless pursuit of a dream, the genuine connections he made with people in the industry, and always taking failure as a stepping stone.

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My Advice

You have to be constantly progressing even when you don’t have to. What I mean by that is, even when you think things are going good and everything is working, you have to challenge yourself to make yourself uncomfortable and try new things and push forward.

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