Alexander Rossi




Alexander Rossi

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When IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi won the Indy 500 in 2016, it was the culmination of his 10,000 hours. That popular theory put forth by Malcolm Gladwell states that, with the right resources and conditions to succeed, 10,000 hours of sheer practice ought to make anyone a master of their craft. The 26-year-old Rossi began racking up those hours more than a decade before when he became obsessed with go-karts and never left the driver's seat. At age 17, he received the incredibly rare chance to race a Formula 1 car. That's when Rossi knew that he was not only headed for his 10,000 hours but also had the fortunate opportunity to make his time count.

Check out the video above for the full story of how a 12-year-old Rossi proved to his father that race-car driving was more than just a passing phase.