Amish Shah

Esports Entrepreneur

“I'm a Passionate, Positive, Make it Happen Person who believes the Sky is the Limit!”


Charlotte, North Carolina

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Amish Shah is a New Jersey-raised and North Carolina-based entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor. He attended Clifton High School and studied Pre-Law at the University of Scranton before switching to Fairleigh Dickinson University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing in 1995. He is fiercely enthusiastic about ensuring those that engage with his work are not just plugged in, but also connected to the world around them.

Amish has always been on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and is not one to shy away from the unknown. His first role out of college was as an executive recruiter at a boutique software recruiting firm just as personal computers began to grow in popularity. Soon after at just 25 years old, Amish started his first company Parallax Group in New York City. From 1998 to 2003, Parallax helped small companies grow and evolve with the onset of the Internet. Parallax eventually went public and Amish moved on to start a new venture in North Carolina called Millenium Search, which still exists today. Millennium Search offers sales, marketing, and technical services for over 200+ startups.  

Since a young age, he’s loved the thrill of fitness and teamwork. In high school, he played on the varsity basketball team. In college, he continued to play team sports. As of 2013, Amish is also a founding partner of ReKTGlobal, a company that focuses on bridging the gap between traditional sports and futuristic entertainment by implementing virtual experiences and gaming. He is also the founder and managing partner of SierraMaya360, an early-stage VC with investment into the Drone Racing League, Gameco, Wefunder, Skycatch and many others. He is a highly organized collaborator with a passion for connectivity. 


My Advice

Being a Founder especially in the Esports/Gaming world is fun and exciting with lots of opportunity. However, it’s sometimes difficult to break into the industry since it’s still new and starting out. I advise you to go to as many local, global events, tournaments, conferences as you can and meet people. Network like crazy because you’ll learn where you want to be in the space. From a player, streamer, broadcaster, analyst, coach, designer, developer, Social Media Manager, Content Manager, Community Manager or the next Ninja or Dr Lupo!

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