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Andrea Fohrman

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"I like to make happy jewelry," Andrea Fohrman says of her line of fine jewelry. Often colorful and whimsical, the final product of Fohrman's art stems from the design process, which begins in classical creative fashion —touching pencil lead to a piece of paper. Even in a technologically advancing world, no method of artistic design is more portable than a sketch. It can move anywhere and anytime Fohrman is inspired. That's important for a working mother, even if inspiration strikes during a bout of 3 a.m. insomnia.

Fohrman's professional journey has always been in pursuit of creativity. Out of college, she took a job in the movie industry. When that position turned out not to exercise her creative muscles quite enough, she began designing jewelry in her spare time, which eventually caught the eye of people involved in film production. Though the road was long, the move into full-time jewelry making clarified itself from there. Today, you can see Fohrman's work featured in publications like Vogue, or on the necks and ears of actors like January Jones and Connie Britton. Learn more in the video above.

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