Anthony Hemingway

Creative Producer, Film & TV

“Don’t be discouraged if the jobs aren’t there right away, but instead always be creative and keep working hard for your success.”


Los Angeles, CA

Average Work Week


At 41 years old, Anthony Hemingway’s resumé is an impressive list of popular and acclaimed TV shows. He’s directed episodes of American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson, Shameless, Empire, Treme, and many more.
And with that kind of output, Hemingway isn’t one to leave work at work. The director and producer says he averages about three hours of sleep a night, and he’s always available to answer questions and give perspective when it comes to the team of talented professionals he oversees across every area of making television.

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My Advice

When the phone isn’t ringing, make it ring. Get out there and exercise your creative muscles. That quote “If the elevator to success isn’t working, take the stairs” is really powerful.

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