Austin Bonk

Head Barista

“There is no better way to bond with somebody than sharing a good cup of coffee. ”


Lincoln, NE



Average Work Week

50 +

The process of opening my own coffee shop has been a journey of uncovering my weaknesses and turning them into strengths. The most challenging part for me would have to be the office work (not my personal strong suit.) It can be a lot of work keeping up with ordering, scheduling, answering emails, meetings, keeping inventory, and developing new recipes. This role pushes me to get better at all of these things- and that keeps things exciting! Before Austin Bonk operated the coffee bar inside The Bay skatepark in Lincoln, Nebraska, the 31-year-old worked a string of odd jobs. He installed the wiring for trailers and worked in various factories. Now, with an interest in not only brewing coffee but understand the coffee business from soil to serving, Bonk sees his current life as a lesson to young people and his younger self.

Basically, you don’t have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18. Since working in coffee, Bonk has discovered a passion for business, management and the agricultural science behind coffee production. Hear more from the Columbus, Nebraska native in the video.

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My Advice

I don’t think that people should feel pressured at 18 years old to know what they want to do and go straight to college for it. Go through and get those job experiences instead of just jumping straight into school. If you are passionate and you fail once, or you are told that you are not doing a good job, use that as fuel to dig deeper. Don’t give up and be afraid.

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