Bear Degidio

Recreational Sports Course Owner

“Doing something in life you don’t love, that’s the biggest sin. That’s the worst thing you could possibly do.”


Los Angeles, California

Average Work Week


Paintball is everything to Bear Degidio. The athlete and entrepreneur started playing paintball at the age of 8. Fast forward to 21 years, and he is now a well-respected icon in the world of paintball. Bear parlayed his influence and respect in the scene with his passion and determination for the sport to shoot his way to the top of the industry. 

The 29-year old from Los Angeles, Southern California, runs three of the best paintball facilities in the United States: Hollywood Sports, SC Village, and Giant San Diego. He also has a world champion title in professional paintball. He runs a successful tournament on the West Coast called “BearCups.” The tournament harvests and shapes budding paintballers into world-class professional paintball athletes since 2002. But it’s not all adrenaline and splatter; the entrepreneur works daily on everything from the sales of the parks to the design of the courses.

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My Advice

Social media can warp your whole perspective on life. Remember everyone has issues, everyone has struggles, everyone will have successes in their life, so focus on you. Stay in your lane & let everyone else worry about themselves. 


The world’s a big place — get lost in it, travel in it, absorb it, and live it. Don’t be consumed with everyday hassles, and nitpicking what you do and don’t have. Focus on the now, focus on the beautiful people around you, the loyal ones in your life, and focus on building your team rather than putting people down. 


Focus on becoming the best version of you, and helping those around you reach their highest level of potential. Tomorrow hasn’t come yet and there’s nothing for you in yesterday. Live for today.

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