Billy Sprout

Esports Coordinator

“ I strive to prove to the world that gaming is a force for good.”


Orange County, CA

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I made my debut in Esports as a “goalie” for the FPS shooter Tribes 2 back in high school. Fast-forward to a couple years, and I’ve taken over presidency of the UConn StarCraft club. I rebranded it to a general gaming club and grown it from a tiny, five-person group to a flourishing ecosystem of 50+ students who play various games. In 2018, I reached my second-year anniversary as a Collegiate Esports Coordinator at Tespa, and my 4th anniversary of helping Tespa host large-scale tournaments for college students. I’ve built our tournament programs into a turnkey annual product, pioneered new formats (and even a new genre with Tespa’s Dungeon Race), helped develop and grow 30+ students into fully-fledged Esports professionals, and built relationships with old and new partners that will make ripples in the industry for years to come. It’s been a wild ride so far and an immense privilege to have a hand (however small) in shaping an entirely new industry out of nothing.

My Advice

Find a way to participate. If there’s a thriving Esports culture in your area, join the largest organization (or the one with the most potential) and find the best way you can help build it bigger. If you can’t find a local group IRL or online, build your own! Start an after-school games club and have everyone bring their smash setups or laptops. Make a Facebook group or Discord server that allows students at your school to connect with each other, and use it to schedule events or host discussions about Rocket League strategies or the latest Overwatch meme. If that doesn’t take off, try to find online communities that aren’t too big for you to make an impact on them.

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