Brandon Dye

Small Business Owner

“Being able to relate to people, communicate clearly, and work well with others is imperative for success.”


Northern Virginia

Average Work Week


Brandon Dye is a teacher of health, P.E. and driver education in Northern Virginia as well as the founder of BD Driving Academy. After graduating college, Brandon was lucky enough to land a job right away as a teacher, but he quickly realized the salary wasn’t going to be enough for him to live comfortably. Dye received driving certifications and endorsements from the Commonwealth of Virginia and Longwood University. He found his own way to live comfortably and enjoy the lifestyle he wants by owning and operating his side business as a driving instructor.

My Advice

I highly recommend high school students take business courses, personal finance, and technology/computer classes. I feel like the skills learned in these courses can be utilized throughout one’s lifetime. Internships are crucial. These will really help students understand the real “ins and outs” of a job.

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