Bryan Findell

Graphic Artist / Designer

“Start making things!”


Omaha, NE



Average Work Week

40 - 60 + hours

As a freelance graphic designer and animator, Bryan Findell tells stories for his many clients. That process began for Findell as a teenager when he went from editing videos to making title screens and then full-fledged animations. Findell speaks highly of the mentors who helped him grow during those years: “Mentors and people you look up help you keep moving forward.”

His work with clients typically consists of a couple weeks per project; the work could be on-site or done at home. When he has the freedom to choose, Findell’s favorite place to do pre-production work is his local coffee shop, but he keeps most of the equipment for hard-core animation at home. Hear more about Findell’s freelance life in the video.

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My Advice

Make things. Create stuff even if its not perfect. Show your process.

Experience is your foundation. It’s the knowledge you gain over the years using the tools and your labor that create lasting value and leads you to get to your next step. Do everything with intention.

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