Bryce Blum

Esports Attorney

β€œIt takes drive, attention to detail, and intellectual rigor to succeed at your passions. ”


Culver City, CA

Average Work Week


Bryce Blum is an esports lawyer who routinely handles work for the top teams, leagues, and personalities in the industry. Under the banner of ESG Law, he is widely regarded as a top authority in the industry and is in high demand for his legal and consulting work. Bryce represents the “who’s who” in Esports, and drives industry standards as a leader on key legal and business issues facing all aspects of the Esports ecosystem. Bryce also acts as a consultant and Esports industry expert, working with parties throughout sports, media, and entertainment to help them capitalize on the explosive growth of the Esports industry. Bryce was named to the 2018 classes of the Forbes 30 under 30 and Sports Business Journal/Daily 40 under 40.

My Advice

Finding your grind should begin with figuring out what will make you happiest. Once you figure out what it is, your goal is to find a job that naturally allows you to optimize for what is most important to you and your personal well being.

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