Cameron “Kronovi” Bills

Esports Athlete

“This is what I love.”


Atlanta, GA

At 20 years old, Cameron “Kronovi” Bills is already one of the world’s most prominent streamers. He is a Twitch Partner and YouTube Content Creator known for his reign as a professional Esports champion. He currently plays for Rogue, a competitive gaming team under the ReKTGlobal family. He also goes by “The Mountain,” referring to himself as “the mountain that everyone else has to climb.” He carries himself with the utmost confidence and is relentless in the pursuit of success.

He is dedicated and competitive, but also acknowledges and values his inconsistency. He is constantly striving toward self-improvement, a mentality that he adopted at an early age while learning karate. He began the sport at age seven and had a black belt by age 15. In high school, he played on both the soccer and football teams. His love for soccer eventually manifested into his current career when he was introduced to a demo version of the game Rocket League, a multiplayer video game that incorporates race cars and soccer into a fun and addictive experience. He has since participated in 10 consecutive seasons of Rocket League and took home first place at the RLCS Season 1 World Championship.

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