Carl Gambino

Real Estate Agent

“You can make nothing, or you can make $10 million, it depends on what you put into it.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

60 - 80 hours

Tuesdays are big days for Carl Gambino. That’s when real estate agents in Los Angeles take their new listings to brokers. Then, on the weekends he organizes open houses at his properties. Even if he must be glued to his phone 24/7 to make all this happen, Gambino says he loves his job for the freedoms it affords him.

I randomly met someone who worked in Real Estate and he thought I would be good at it. I was always oddly obsessed with homes, especially big homes since I was young. I also always loved people and learning about their passions, and I wanted a career that I could make a high income with no ceiling where I controlled my own destiny. Being a real estate agent is a perfect marriage of my interests and personality.”

As an agent for Westside Estate Agency in LA, Gambino serves as representation for buyers and sellers alike. Communication and networking are key, and it’s experience he’s gained by “doing.”

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My Advice

Talk to every single person you interact with about Real Estate. Find out where they live, what their interests are, and develop real human connections. Build as many relationships as possible. Read Self development material, write down your goals and read them out loud daily.

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