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New York


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Carlton Yaito, Born in Jamaica Queens, New York was like any other typical kid from his neighborhood. Spending a lot of time between Parkhill, Staten Island & Jamaica, Queens, he had early hoop dreams but never pursued them. Seemingly a passion for art always stood in his way. At an early age, Carlton began to draw anything he put his mind to. He had a liking for still life drawing, especially after the age of six when he first drew the Air Jordan 13s. Carlton, later on, continued down this path unknowingly during middle school where teachers encouraged his ability to draw and felt it should not be a wasted talent. By the age of thirteen, he had won a placement in an art competition sponsored by NYU.

Following down this guided path led Carlton directly to the High School of Art & Design where he would meet one of his life long friends, now known as A$AP Ferg. Ferg would eventually convince Carlton to go down a road in Fashion, noticing how much he loved customization on garments. The idea of creating your own clothing instead of always being a consumer was a major vision for these young men at the time. Carlton would continue to develop his abilities with courses in garment construction, draping, and fashion marketing.

Some years later, Ferg, alongside Thomas would help Carlton create his first brand Privacy In Public. The trio would create garments made of mainly screen-printing all on their own. At that time, Carlton would continue his studies of fashion while enrolled at Nassau Community College. He would later spend many nights sneaking into the Fashion Institute of Technology to further his passion and spend any bit of time he can behind a sewing machine. Although his first brand would eventually go under, it was the building block and learning curve Carlton needed to establish his now self-entitled brand Carlton Yaito.

My Advice

“Live & let live”

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