Casey McPerry

Photographer (Editorial, Portrait, Lifestyle, Fitness, Fashion)

“Have fun and get out there and shoot and document, because you never know what can happen.”


Los Angeles


United States Flag American

One glance at Casey McPerry’s Instagram page and suddenly you’re teleported into the heart of the action. It is no wonder that McPerry was named as Instagrammer of the Year by the Shorty Awards. His passion for visual storytelling shines as he combines still images, videos, and music in unique and innovative ways that grab your attention and take you for a ride. 

Straight from the beaches of Southern California, Casey McPerry began his career with a camera, capturing athletes in action at his local motocross track. He eventually became a tour photographer for Machine Gun Kelly and a travel influencer. His work focuses on finding a connection from each experience to the next. His YouTube channel has nearly 5K subscribers and features 4K quality videos that explore distant lands and everyday moments with the same excitement. He runs his own blog and is the founder and CEO of a new project called INFINA Collage.

My Advice

Really find out what you enjoy doing. Believe in yourself that you can make that into a career. And go out into that industry space. . . Be in the scene and you will build relationships. Don’t get discouraged when you take a “no.” People fail all the time. It’s the ones that keep doing it over and over again that succeed. Go after what you enjoy, because it’ll pay off.

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