Casey McPerry

Graphic Artist / Designer

“Have fun and get out there and shoot and document, because you never know what can happen.”





Average Work Week

Changes week by week sometimes 40 hours, sometimes 80 hours

Casey McPerry is a professional photographer and artist. He’s worked as a concert photographer for artists like Machine Gun Kelly but has more recently garnered attention for his connected, collage-style Instagram photography.

While the skateboarders, musicians, beachgoers and extreme sports athletes in Casey McPerry’s images may be having the time of their lives, capturing that joy is McPerry’s work. Creating content and a dedication to his social media accounts comprise a full-time job for the California 26-year-old.

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My Advice

Look alive and don’t spend time doubting yourself. Go to the beach. Shoot photos. Go the skatepark. Just get out there.

Whatever you enjoy most in life, pursue that as a career. Don’t worry about the money. As long as you do good work and surround yourself with people you want to be like, more work will begin to flow your way.

Finally, I wish someone would of told me to start a company ” LLC ” when I was younger. Today, there are so many different ways to make money. Whatever you are doing, you need everything to flow through a legit company.

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