Chett Mallett


“I get to sleep at night because I feel really good about helping people.”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week

60 hours

You could say Chett Mallett is a doctor of alignment, literally and figuratively. There’s the all-important human spine for one thing, but there’s also the question of whether people have aligned their lives in ways beneficial to their health. As a practitioner of functional medicine, the chiropractor Mallett examines a patient’s lifestyle, diet, and behaviors for insights into how the whole body — but especially joints, nerves and muscles — can position itself for optimal health and to prevent chronic pain.

“We are self-healing and self-regulating organisms,” Mallett says of his medical philosophy. The Los Angeles-based chiropractor is a healer by nature, and some of the most satisfying moments of his profession confirm his beliefs about the human body and spirit — herniated discs in the vertebrae mending on their own and people taking their first steps after traumatic injuries. Learn more about Mallett’s approach to health and wellness in the video above.

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My Advice

Watch Youtube videos of chiropractors. It gives you an inside scoop on what chiropractors do.

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