Chris Loranger

Esports Team Manager

“It takes 10,000 hours to be a “professional."”


Boston, Massachusetts

Average Work Week


Chris Loranger is the President of Gaming for Boston Uprising, an Overwatch team owned by the Kraft family, who also own the New England Patriots. Chris holds a dual citizenship from Canada and the US, although he usually identifies solely as Canadian for competitions. He grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. He had a troubled childhood, with his family affected by poverty, “domestic-, drug- and alcohol-abuse”. After a run in with the law during rebellious teenage years which led to a stay in juvenile prison, he moved to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada with his father. Later Chris praised his father’s decision to move saying: “Had I not moved to Canada, my family and I both agree that I would most likely be in the military, jail, or dead”. Chris said during an interview, in May 2014, that he “played StarCraft II instead of joining the military in order to eventually pay for school”.

After moving to Canada, he started playing Starcraft: Brood War, switching to Starcraft II when the beta was released in 2010. HuK began playing for the team VT Gaming before moving to Millenium in 2011.

After playing for French team Millennium, HuK was announced as the newest member of Team Liquid on September 25, 2010. On August 16, 2011 it was revealed that HuK would transfer from Team Liquid to Evil Geniuses as his contract with his current employer was about to expire.

In 2017 HuK was named President of Gaming for the Kraft Group, owners of the Overwatch League team Boston Uprising. HuK serves a dual role as general manager and head coach of the Uprising; under his leadership, the team finished their first season with a 24-16 regular-season record and a loss in the first round of the playoffs.

My Advice

Find something you love to do and keep working at it. 

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