Chris Reinacher

Film & Television Actor

“Don't be competitive, be supportive. ”


Los Angeles

Chris Reinacher is a Los Angeles-based writer, producer, and actor. He is currently an independent YouTube Content Creator with a following of over 500K subscribers. The videos on his channel cover a wide range of topics in compelling ways. From his “Getting Bombed” series where he asks nuclear science experts questions, to his “Never Seen” videos that highlight people’s reactions to popular culture moments.

His passion for storytelling and relating to people through humor is the driving force behind his renown. He previously worked alongside the Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City, two of the top improvisational groups in the world. In 2013, Chris became a video fellow for BuzzFeed. He quickly proved he had the chops for more, becoming a junior producer in the following year and eventually a senior producer the year after. In just under three years, Chris created over 200 videos for the media hub and garnered millions of views. 

Chris may have made a name for himself as a video producer for BuzzFeed, but his hustle was evident long before that. He graduated from UCLA in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre. His first major role after graduation was as the swing actor in a big-budget production of Peter Pan, where he has to know the lines and stage choreography for 12 different roles. In 2012, he was a writer/producer for MTV’s show Ridiculousness which helped him showcase his comedic side. In 2017, he briefly worked as a development partner for the International Film Center. His original short films were featured at high-caliber festivals like Sundance and Cannes. He’s also had credits on The Mindy Show and Adult Swim. Lately, he hosts a weekly conversational podcast alongside Steelo Brim.

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