Chris Wilkerson

Vice President of Finance

“ Don’t let anything derail you from your path”


Los Angeles, CA



Average Work Week


From the time he frequented skateshops as a teenager just looking for work so he could afford gear, Chris Wilkerson has never been afraid of putting himself out there and grinding for a living. Now, he’s the vice president of finance for the Los Angeles-based underwear and apparel brand Ethika.

Wilkerson relishes his role in the company because he views finance as its own speakable, readable language. Overseeing all accounting operations at Ethika gives him the opportunity to understand how business functions at its most elemental level. Hear more from Wilkerson in his video.

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My Advice

Never stop learning, growing, or think you’re not good enough. Don’t get complacent and always work hard. Always surround yourself with people smarter than you and treat others as you want to be treated. Define your morals and values, set goals, and never stop working towards them. Lastly, always make sure to rest. Maintain balance and experiment on what works best for you. To maintain balance in my life, I surf and eat healthy. These two things have helped me tremendously to maintain balance and a healthy life.

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