Christopher “Drama” Pfaff

Entertainment Entrepreneur

“You have to wake up every single morning with a plan.”




Los Angeles, CA

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Chris “Drama” Pfaff has carved out a large space for himself in youth culture and clothing. He was first introduced to the world on MTV’s hit shows “Rob & Big” and “Fantasy Factory” as Rob Dyrdek’s younger cousin from the Midwest. More than a decade later, he’s the CEO of clothing empire Young & Reckless, host of his own podcast “Short Story Long,” and a social media maven to watch.

Drama shared with us his thoughts on the importance of perception and how reframing his approach accelerated his path to success. He says “looking to fail” can be more productive than always expecting to succeed when you’re first starting out. There is no easy road to victory; it’s about accepting the unique challenges your journey presents. Drama’s sense of humor and great attitude have carried him through it all.

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My Advice

Three quick pieces of advice would be: 


  1. Believe in yourself, believe that it’s possible first. If you don’t and you doubt that, you’re instantly dead in the water. 
  2. Come up with a plan, not only any plan, but a realistic plan. Educate yourself on the business that you’re trying to get into and figure out honestly how to get it done. Part of the problem is a lot of kids just say, “Oh well, I’m just going to run up in offices and hand them my demo and I’m going to be the next rapper.” No chance. 
  3. Figure out how to do it, and do it. It’s really that simple.

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