Cisco Adler

Restaurant Owner

“Whatever you do, do it the best.”


Malibu, CA

Average Work Week


Musician and producer Cisco Adler has formed his own profession around the community and “international language” of music. Cisco Adler is a singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur who has toured the world and worked with fellow musicians like G. Love, Mike Posner, Mickey Avalon and more. He’s also the owner of Malibu Burger.

Cisco Adler has a way of making successful business and artistic ventures sound exceedingly simple: Step 1) dream, Step 2) execute. If you step back and look at the life of the musician, record producer and, now, the owner of Malibu Burger, he says all of his paths begin with a big idea.

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My Advice

You have to wish success upon other people … People need to find the same satisfaction in the next person’s success as they do in theirs.

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