Dan Graham

Music Artist

“My biggest fear was getting to 50 years old and saying to myself, “Man, what if I had taken a shot at that?”


Los Angeles, California

Average Work Week

Dan Graham is just 27 years old, but he’s already made music alongside the likes of Skizzy Mars, Bryce Fox, Phoebe Ryan and LAYNE. After going to his first concert, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, he was inspired to become a professional guitarist. 

In his teenage years, Graham initially put his musical knowledge to work by starting a band with some friends; they were eventually scouted by Sony Australia. After recording a few songs, Graham moved on and now performs with various artists around the world.

My Advice

Immerse yourself in many different genres of music, being able to draw from many different styles will greatly impact how you shape your own individuality as a musician. Work on having a thick skin, you will hear a lot of “no’s” when pursuing music as a full-time career. Always remember music is subjective so people will always have a different opinion. Most importantly, love and have confidence in your craft.

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