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Rochester, New York


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Indie rock band, Joywave, started in 2010 and was founded by frontman, Daniel Armbruster. The innovator and entertainer always held “delusional,” bigger-than-life dreams about music and songwriting then pursued it with an analytical approach. Graduating college during The Great Recession, Daniel realized after calculating his annual wage that working full-time at his retail job was taking away valuable time towards pursuing what he was really good at and passionate about. From having self-awareness and belief that he was meant to write and perform music, he invested his 20s towards becoming exponentially better. After rejection from labels, he was finally signed at 29 years old. Since then, he’s written hits such as “Dangerous” and “Tongues,” toured with bands such as Blink-182, and currently on tour with Joywave supporting Bastille. Daniel’s story focuses on how far self-awareness and belief can take you, and how to get your way while combating popular opinion.

My Advice

“You should do the thing that you’re exponentially better than the next person.”

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