Darious Britt

Film & TV Director

“Comparison is the theft of joy.”

Darious Britt, known on YouTube by his nearly 400K subscribers as D4Darious, is a filmmaker, director, writer, and actor. His channel is dedicated to providing educational resources, vlogs, tips and tricks to aspiring film production professionals. His work aims to give access to people passionate about the industry by pulling back the curtain on information that might normally be gatekept by leaders in the community. He believes the more knowledge there is to share and experience, the better we can decide for ourselves what passions are worth dedicating to. He is an all-in personality, even having invested up to $40,000 for the film Seafood Tester in 2012. His invaluable work ethic and commitment to craft later helped him win Best Director for his feature-length film Unsound at the Pan African Festival in 2015.

Darious’ success stems from a core belief in mastering your craft and paying attention to the details. He doesn’t see success as a one-time goal. He feels success can be a recurring process that relies more on experience than talent. On The Black Film Space Podcast, he shared that he feels he’s “still working my way up” and that he’s always asking “What’s your plan to get to the next level?” He proves through his communicative, open style that becoming a master doesn’t have to be scary — you just have to be ready to make mistakes and learn from them. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Media Production. Since then he has also returned to his alma mater as the Assistant Coordinator for the Media Arts Production Lab of the School of Theatre, Film, and Television.


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My Advice

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself.

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