Dave Nelson

Graphic Artist / Designer

“Keep your focus and make sure that every decision you make relates to where you want to go in life. ”

The field of graphic design encompasses many different paths and roles in the modern economy. For his part, Dave Nelson creates visuals to share customer experiences with brands and forge relationships between the two. Nelson is the founder of the Omaha-based Secret Penguin, an “experiential branding agency” that helps companies properly manage and brand themselves.

The designer describes his company’s work as writing sentences using only visuals. And while “thinking outside the box” is a common axiom in advertising, Nelson explains Secret Penguin’s mission is to “create our own box.” Learn more about Secret Penguin and graphic design by watching Nelson’s video.

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My Advice

Before designing, learn the challenges of what is happening now. When presenting the design, showcase how the design solves those challenges. Design needs to not only look good but also solve problems.

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